Getting Kids Involved In Clean Eating From The Ground Up

Six months ago my kid’s definition of vegetables was tomatoes. On a good day they would take a bite out of raw broccoli or a carrot. Their diet consisted of fruit, dairy, meat and goldfish. Yes, goldfish crackers. It was a staple in their diet. 

When I started my clean eating journey I knew the only way it would work was if I included my family. I wasn’t about to be a short order cook making separate meals for each of us. Surprisingly it has been easier to get us ALL on board and extremely fun! From experimenting with different smoothie flavours (too much kale and they go a running); to having them involved in the washing, peeling, and stirring; to gardening. Yup that’s right. Gardening!

What better way for them to appreciate where our food comes then to involve them in growing our own food. Now for those that don’t know me, I live in Winterpeg. It is March 28 and we still have 5 feet of snow in our yard. No joke! So we are starting indoors with our herbs.


My son filling our pot with soil.


To avoid sibling rivalry ensure they each have their own pot and scooping bowl!


Messy? Yes! But fun and something they surely will remember!


Their job isn’t over yet! They get the responsibility of watering our herbs.

For now we planted Stevia, Basil, Parsley and Cilantro. We plan to grow more during the next coming weeks.



Watch this summer as we embark on growing our very own vegetable garden!

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