Veering Off The Path

Veered off my path this year and got a little lost. Mostly in terms of exercise. It has become pretty well non-existent. Coincidentally, it happened the moment I stopped seeing a trainer. This gal clearly needs a trainer to keep me motivated!

My clean eating comes and goes. I do great one day and not so much the next. I have accepted, like any addiction, eating clean, healthy, whole foods will be a life long challenge. I, Ester, am addicted to sugar. And all things fresh bread! And Chinese food – that’s a food group right?!

One thing that is new to me that I think will be key to my success is meal planning. I recently joined a Meal Planning course to help me become more organized in the kitchen. This will be instrumental in reducing my family’s bad ‘take out’ habit. I’m on week 2 of the six week course. Stay tuned as a report back on how this is going.

So here we go again. I am testing out water kefir and back to making smoothies. I still juice vegetables from time to time but I will be working on making this a more consistent appearance in my weekly menu.

I’m happy to be back and look forward to sharing my journey and hearing how your journey is going too!

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One Response to Veering Off The Path

  1. Way to go Ester! I look forward to following along on your journey. I have been clean eating for about 45 days now – it is great to have encouragement and online support 🙂

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