About Me

The last few years were busy. BUSY! That’s actually an understatement. I was overworked, overweight, constantly sick and unhappy. My stress and anxiety had got the best of me. My household was as disorganized as it gets. My kids were constantly ignored while I put my business first. I thank my lucky stars that my husband stuck around. And has stood behind me every step of the way.

It was time for me to slow down. Simplify my life, get healthy, enjoy the small moments in life, and actually watch my children grow up before my eyes!

I made some hard decisions in my life. I closed down my business, took some time off, became a stay-at-home mom, went to see a Naturalpath for my depression (it’s hard to admit out loud that you have a problem!), and started to do my own research on health, wellness, and nutrition and haven’t stopped reading! I also joined the gym.

So here I am. Finding me again. The time I took off to recharge helped me tremendously! I am happy to be working again while still keeping a healthy balance of work and family. Blogging is my therapy. This blog is about me living the life I put on hold for far too long. It’s my journey on becoming healthy, active and educated. A place to share my findings, share recipes, help motivate others and let others know your are not in this alone!


Feel free to contact me here  


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